Youth Reinventing Co-operatives Young. Perspectives on the International Cooperative Movement.

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Julia Smith, Robin Puga, Ian MacPherson, The British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS), diciembre 2005

Youth Reinventing Co-operatives explores the ways youth think about and use co-operatives to meet their economic and social needs.

· Part I: Considering Co-operatives

· Part II: Youth Developing Co-operatives

· Part III: Encouraging Youth Involvement in Co-operatives

· Part IV: Conclusions and Recommendations

The book features 40 reflections by young people (and a few recalling more youthful days) considering what co-operatives mean for them and could mean for others. It provides over forty case studies on co-operatives in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America in which young people play important roles; in many instances operating the co-operatives. The book concludes with a series of recommendations about how young people may learn about, and more effectively use, the co-operative model as they seek to shape the world in which they live.