Ebook : A Conceptualization of Women’s Collective Entrepreneurship: From Strategic Perspectives to Public Policies

in Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economics Volume 1000 of the series International Studies in Entrepreneurship pp 211-224

There has been a considerable increase in studies dealing with women’s entrepreneurship and with collective entrepreneurship, respectively. However, studies focusing on women’s collective entrepreneurship are far from understanding the conceptualization of the relationship between collective entrepreneurship and women. To help fill this void, the authors use the essay method. In the first part, they begin by identifying the two transformative perspectives at the foundation of women’s collective entrepreneurship, that is to say self-management and feminism, which both converge and differ. They then present concrete manifestations illustrating the building of new economic and gender-based social relations, through examples of social innovations at the organizational level. In the second part, they discuss the strategic positioning of the transformative perspectives in public policies, as it is from these perspectives that the movements develop their strategic capability to mobilize resources, such as those of the State.