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Doing Community Economic Development

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John Loxley, Kathleen Sexsmith, Jim Silver, Fernwood Publishing, Canada., 2007

Challenging traditional notions of development, these essays critically examine bottom-up, community economic development strategies in a wide variety of contexts: as a means of improving lives in northern, rural and inner-city settings; shaped and driven by women and by Aboriginal people; aimed at employment creation for the most marginalized. most authors have employed a participatory research methodology. The essays are the product of a broader, three-year community-university research collaboration with a focus on the strengths and difficulties of participatory, capacity-building strategies for those marginalized by the competitive, profit-seeking forces of capitalism. no easy answers are offered, but many exciting initiatives with great potential are described and critically evaluated.


  • Introduction (Silver & Loxley)

  • The State of CED in Winnipeg (Loxley)

  • The Impact of Hydroelectric Development on Grand Rapids, Manitoba (Kulchyski & Neckoway)

  • Government Policy towards CED in Manitoba in the 1960s and 1970s (Fernandez)

  • Social Housing and CED Initiatives in Inner-City Winnipeg (Skelton, Selig & Deane)

  • Urban Aboriginal Community Development (Silver, Ghorayshi, Hay & Klyne)

  • Improving the Lives and Livelihoods of Women through Socially Transformative Practice (Amyot)

  • CED to Reduce Young Women’s Poverty and Poverty-Related Conditions (McCracken)

  • Moving Low-Income, Inner-city People into Good Jobs (Loewen & Silver)

  • Can Call Centres Contribute to Manitoba’s CED? (Guard)

  • Aboriginal Students and the Digital Divide (Deane & Sullivan)

  • Aboriginal Labour and the Garment Industry in Winnipeg (Weist & Willmott)

  • Aboriginal Employment in the Banking Sector in Manitoba (Sexsmith & Pettman)

  • Manitoba Alternative Food Production and Farm Marketing Models (Doucette & Koroluk)

  • Agricultural Land Trusts (Hamilton)

  • Economics for CED Practitioners (Loxley & Lamb)

  • Local Participation and Democratic State Restructuring (Sheldrick)

  • Reflections on Accomplishments and Challenges (Loxley & Silver)