Stowarzyszenie Kooperatywa Spożywcza “Dobrze”

For more than 7 years the “Dobrze” Food Co-operative has been running community-based shops with organic food in Warsaw. It’s experience presents a successful example on how a grass-roots community can create an inclusive, socially and environmentally responsible economic model. The goal of “Dobrze” Food Co-op is to support a system of food production and distribution that fulfils the needs of consumers and producers and takes care of our environment. It is driven by the belief that direct co-operation between consumers and producers contributes to strengthening active citizenship and creates a fair economy, ben- eficial for all involved parties.

The Co-op shops are the joint property of its members who govern it according to international co-operative principles. Currently, the cooperative has almost 600 members and more than 1000 clients, employs 14 people and co-operates with around 20 small-scale farms throughout the whole season.

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