North Eastern Society for the Preservation of Nature and Wildlife (NESPON)

NESPON, a Siliguri based voluntary organization, works among the forest communities of North Bengal, since 1992, with the objectives of conserving the forests and other natural resources of the area and supporting as well as protecting the livelihood of people dependant on this resource base. NESPON has been actively involved in the struggle of forest villagers of North Bengal since the beginning of the movement and helped it become one of the most influential and powerful people’s movement in North Bengal. NESPON believes that conservation of forests and other natural resources in North Bengal and elsewhere demands that the role of people as manager and governors of these resources be legally recognized, the community rights over these resources be ensured and the livelihoods of people be adequately protected. NESPON has a wide mass base and the experience of working in the area of Forest Rights. It has a strong committed team with political understanding of the area and the prevailing issues and their linkages with the larger issues.

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