Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

Community Forge is a non-profit organization that designs, develops and distributes tools around complementary currencies.


We have provided a exchange platform to more than 400 communities to establish and manage their complementary currency, which has enabled them to:

  • showcase their local resources

  • increase social cohesion and social dynamism

  • increase economic resilience

  • promote local autonomy

  • reduce the environmental impacts

Community Forge distributes free software and open-source to manage complementary currencies and provides websites hosted or not. These sites allow you to develop and manage your associations more easily. Our sites and their hosting are ……free*

  • easy to implement

  • adaptable

  • scalable

  • customizable

*Providing and hosting a site is free. Communities that use our tools support us through donations. These help to fund our servers, security measures …