Trentino Arcobaleno - Tavolo dell’Economia Solidale

The Tavolo dell’Economia Solidale is the main instrument of application of the law on the Solidarity Economy.

It is a forum for the promotion of the solidarity economy and social responsibility and offers technical-cognitive support for the preparation and monitoring of interventions also in relation to their coordination and their integration with the other socio-economic programming tools.

His duties are:

a) to formulate opinions and proposals to the Provincial Government regarding interventions in the field of solidarity economy;

b) analyze the entrepreneurship and provincial associations operating in the sectors provided for by article 3, paragraph 2, also through studies and surveys;

c) verify the management methods that ensure compliance and implementation throughout the production chain of the principles and organizational methods inherent to corporate social responsibility in accordance with Article 9;

d) propose to the Provincial Government actions for the promotion and support of the solidarity economy;

e) promote the dissemination and development of socially responsible practices, reporting models and certifiable business management systems, also integrated with each other, as well as product or service certification, including social labeling;

f) encourage the development and use of a Trentino logo or brand of the solidarity economy.