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Solecopedia is an encyclopaedia project aimed at supporting responsible, plural and solidarity economy. It is free, participatory and multilingual. Its objective is to help the actors in this field to work together to jointly develop a shared referential that will help overcome the difficulties of communication between countries, languages and sectors. These actors have expressed their interest in achieving a global mapping of the initiatives that correspond to their values. But this general effort of organising and sharing information is confronted by the obstacle of linguistic diversity, as well as the differences in concepts and vocabulary. By proposing both a process and collaborative, shared tools, Solecopedia allows all actors to enter and make comments on the key ideas that their practice involves, all in their own language. The links between languages and comments on entries will allow people to reach a deeper understanding of subtleties, as well as strengthening the shared ground.

Who is Solecopedia aimed at?

Solecopedia is aimed at all people who question the links between economy and the values in our society. It is based on an interactive vision and we hope that it will soon provide a rich panorama of the participatory approaches to economy, the values of co-operation and democracy. This on-line encyclopaedia will enable the general public to gain an explicit understanding of terms that are not always known outside a limited circle: solidarity finance, social capital, mutual, responsible consumption etc.

Who can take part in Solecopedia?

Anyone who has experience of a specific organisation or activity within the field of social and solidarity economy can contribute to this interactive encyclopaedia. You just need to create your account, and then create or modify the existing pages to extend or improve the contents. We also hope that the organisations involved in this sector will contribute, and there has been widespread communication on the project, to encourage them to contribute. If you would like to make a contribution, just go to the Help page, and create your account.