RIPESS Europe Scientific Committee - Round I Session I (September 2021)

Language : English - Day of recording : March the 8th, 2021

Session 1 – A feminist perspective of Solidarity economy on the International Women Day

Animator: Luciane Lucas dos Santos (CES-UC)

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Podcast of the intervention here.

Presentation : Considering domestic institutions and householding. A necessity for building a feminist solidarity economy

Podcast of the intervention here.

Presentation : The cross-fertilisation between feminism and the solidarity economy



Isabelle Hillenkamp and Jean-Louis Laville focused their intervention on three points:

1 / the need for a reflection on what the economy is, and on the relations between economy and society as they are convergently illuminated by feminist approaches and by those of the substantive school opened by Karl Polanyi.

2 / Emphasis will be placed on the reasons why it is important to take householding as an economic principle, and how this taking into account is both decisive and complex.

3 / An example will be taken on what is the construction of a feminist solidarity economy.


Isabelle Hillekamp and Jean-Louis Laville have both contributed to Theory of Social Enterprise and Pluralism. Social Movements, Solidarity Economy, and the Global South., ed. Routledge, New York, May 2019.

You can access the chapters at the following