Socioeconomic Democracy: A Nonkilling, Life-Affirming and Enhancing Psycho-Politico-Socio-Economic System

Robley E. George, 2012

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This paper outlines some major aspects of four crucially interrelated realms of an advanced, fundamentally just, democratic economic system that is applicable, realizable and desirable throughout the world. These realms are the psychological, political, sociological and economic dimensions of what has come to be referred to as Socioeconomic Democracy (SeD) Following this careful delineation of the definition, properties and possibilities of SeD, we then note some of its major desirable impact on the plethora of painful, expensive, predictably and demonstrably lethal contemporary societal

problems, attempting to demonstrate, among other things, its consistence with the nonkilling approach set forth by Paige (2002 [2009]).

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