Advocacy 2021 AJITeR through culture! Analysis and proposals for Culture, Rural Life and Youth

UFISC, 2021

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Resumen :

The work undertaken for several years by several members of UFISC (FEDELIMA, FAMDT, THEMAA, CITI, FRAAP…), led the steering committee of the « AJITeR par la culture! « approach to question the categories to be observed from the start of the project in order to refine our analyses and proposals. At the same time, the health crisis, far from being an epiphenomenon, has reinforced our observations and highlighted problems that are not new. It calls for a necessary reflection on the logics at work and the model of society, reflections that we have been conducting for a long time within our circles.

This advicacy document invites us to shake up our representations of rural territories as well as of the artistic and cultural dimensions and of youth in order to do things better together by re-interpreting our ways of accompanying, undertaking, cooperating and co-constructing.

Indeed, it seems to us that the exit from the crisis cannot be achieved by a simple adjustment of current policies. This plea puts forward concrete recommendations and proposals and invites us to work together to co-develop solutions to the challenges of the territories, their inhabitants and the actors who make them live.

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