Ending women in poverty in Kaélé (Cameroun)

Women Coalition for Agenda 2030 (WOCA 2030), 2021

Resumen :

WOCA 2030’s main mission is to support women’s associations working to achieve one of the SDGs.

The Far North of Cameroon is a desert region with a fragile ecosystem where the population is generally exposed to poverty and hunger, to which has been added the security crisis due to Boko-Haram. The Covid-19 health crisis has further weakened this region and aggravated the poverty of the population. In this difficult situation, women, because of their family and social responsibilities, pay the heaviest price.

In the town of Kaélé, WOCA 2030 accompanies a group of about 50 women who produce onions, garlic, cotton and groundnuts. The association’s contribution consists of providing quality materials and monitoring their production by agricultural technicians.

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