Alternative housing midel for regional Australia


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PolisPlan is a mobile town planning consultancy developing a network of high-tech, regenerative villages that strive towards self-sufficiency and zero waste within their bioregion. Each village will house a diverse community of up to 200 people and will integrate affordable co-working and co-living spaces with water and energy micro-grids and a regenerative agricultural system. Designed using the principles of a Circular Economy, they provide an alternative housing model for regional Australia.

PolisPlan works with communities, local government, developers, and research institutions to implement this new model for land development in local government planning schemes.

Circular Economy Villages provide residents with their basic needs (water, food, energy and shelter) while lowering living costs, promoting innovation and supporting start-up businesses. As well as promoting clean energy (SDG 7), the development model also advances SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and SDG12 (sustainable production and consumption patterns).

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