Intervention of Fatih Özden from Doğa ve İnsan Dostu Gıda Topluluğu at Izmir

« The Solidarity Economy in Turkey: First Meetings between Actors and Researchers"Webinar, december 14, 2020

Resumen :

Our group started its activities in 2013 within the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Ege, Department of Agricultural Economics.

Faced with the needs, we thought it would be interesting to make an effort to propose an alternative to the current industrial agri-food system, which is based on the excessive use of synthetic chemicals, the excessive use of fossil fuels and water, especially in recent years.

In this context, we have established a food community. Although this thinking has been influential in the creation of the community, one of main motivations of our group members is to achieve clean, healthy and safe food.