Polypoly. The 21th Century economic world-building game

June 2020

Summary :

Polypoly is a multi-player board game where players use strategy, storytelling and 21st century economic thinking to shape markets.

Compete and Cooperate to buy properties of an economy

Commoner, Capitalist, Communist, Socialist? There’s ways to play them all. You might be surprised at your own decisions

Balance multiple currencies for various social and economic advantages.

Cash, Time, Reputation, Influence, and Natural Resources all have buying power! How will you manage your resources?

The goals

The goal of Polypoly is not to bankrupt your fellow players, but rather to engage in a non-zero sum game to create “steady-state” and “closed loop” economic systems. To win Polypoly is to create the highest quality of life for all life through abundance.


That’s not to say you’ll reach it, though – it all depends on players choices.


Polypoly integrates concepts of the Commons, alternative currencies and systems thinking into a fast-paced and engaging “fill-in-the-blanks” tabletop game. Through gameplay, these underlying concepts acclimate players to thinking about economics and value differently. It plays upon the contradictions inside us all between our ideals and our personal choices, and generate scenarios about what the outcomes of those might be.


The conversations and stories that emerge are how we create a healthy dialog about values, economic ideals, and a place for participants to engage in vibrant discussion about 21st century economics, governance and value.

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