Pedagogical tools

To educate and raise awareness on the social and solidarity economy, it is necessary to create clear but also possibly playful educational tools. has already identified a set that you can find, for example, on the mapping of educational tools, developed partly with the Campaign for a Global Curriculum. You will see which countries have developed educational tools that you can then filter by need: food, housing, access to water, etc. What is a coop? How to use a community currency? What are the ways to have a responsible consumption. All these and more are answered in guides, manuals, courses, videos, infographics, games, lexicons or glossaries, films, developed for very different publics, from children to adults.

One way to find a specific tool is to go to the search engine, write the theme that interests you, for example: fair trade, filter by language, to have only English and consult the results in the « Pedagigical tools » section. They can be used as they are or as it is often the purpose of to inspire you to adapt it to your own context.

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