Food as a Common Good (José Luis Vivero)

January 2017

Participants: Jose Luis Vivero Pol

The video : 3min

Food, a life enabler and a cultural cornerstone with multiple meanings, is governed as a mere commodity by the neoliberal food policies that prevail in Europe. These meanings so relevant to human are reduced to the one of tradeable good (see fig 1) and the value of food is mixed with reduced its price in the market. This video denounces that reductionist approach and presents an alternative narrative to revalue food as a commons (nothing but a social construct) and to recognise the benefits of existing commons-based food systems in Europe (rural-customary and urban-contemporary). This paradigm shift will open up a new set of food policies that will help Europe to transit to a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system. For a detailed explanation of this approach, see here the policy document presented at the European Assembly of Commons (Brussels, 15-17 November 2016).

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