La Charte des Responsabilités Humaines (CRH)

The Alliance was launched in 1993, when it published its founding document: « Platform » for a World of Responsibility and Solidarity. This text was a call for us to come together to overcome our feeling of powerlessness in the face of the major crises of today’s world: the gulfs between South and North, between poor and rich, between men and women, between nature and humankind. The “Platform » played an essential role in mobilising people across all continents to share experiences and ideas in most fields of human endeavour, and to frame proposals for a life of dignity for all human beings and for the preservation of the planet.

During this first stage, those involved concluded that to face up to the massive challenges of the 21st century, a new social compact among human beings was urgently needed, to found a partnership which could ensure the survival both of humankind and of the planet. Such a compact should take the form of a Charter to be endorsed by citizens from all over the world, and later by international institutions

Una carta/manifesto