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The RELIESS is an international reference and networking centre that aims above all to be a meeting place for people and ideas interested in public policies in favour of the social and solidarity economy. It seeks to encourage a spirit of co-construction and dialogue by making available information on innovative social economy experiences that were enabled by collaborations with the public sector and by favouring the networking of actors working in favour of the social economy, be they within the public sector or in civil society.


  • 1. To highlight successful partnerships benefiting the social and solidarity economy, particularly those leading to the development of public policy.

  • 2. To help strengthen partnerships between civil society and government in favour of the social and solidarity economy.

  • 3. To facilitate the meeting of key players in the social and solidarity economy from countries across the North and South and their partners in government, labour movements, research institutes and international organizations.

  • 4. To contribute to the development of international and inter-regional exchanges on the subject of the social and solidarity economy.


The center is at the disposal of actors working for the development of the social and solidarity economy, whether they be in civil society or within government, to:

  • Share information regarding public policies at the municipal, regional, national or international level that have had an impact on the social economy;

  • Provide more information on the creation process and the impact of specific public policy that has affected the SSE in a certain sector or of a certain target audience;

  • Refer actors working in a sector or in a specific political, economic and/or geographic context that may be open to international collaborations.

Requests for information and networking will be treated on a case-by-case basis:

  • in the case of simple requests, we will be pleased to answer you to the best of our ability;

  • for more elaborate and/or in depth questions, a work plan and a budget proposal will be submitted.

50 case studies | 23 Analyses/working papers/articles

50 case studies

23 Analyses/working papers/articles