Resources from the Hard Times - Soft Skills (Hati-SOS) project

April 2024

Hard Times - Soft Skills (Hati-SOS)

is an Erasmus+ project that focuses on training programmes creating a new culture of cooperation, communication and mutual care within our solidarity economy organizations and movement.

The project was conducted in partnership by:

* Ekumenická akademie (Czech Republic),

* Fundacja EkoRozwoju (Poland),

* Profilantrop association (Hungary),

* Utopia (Slovakia),

* RIPESS Europe,

Main goal of the project is to assist people in gaining skills to create new cultures of cooperation and care, as for instance the skill of self-care within the context of collective care - caring for ourselves and for other people in the movement.

To achieve that, project partners have developed trainings, a handbook and an application around ‘Soft Skills’.

Materials in English

Soft Skills Training

Training for Activists

Soft Skills for a Better World

Handbook for organizers