CIDEC added to the 16 databases referenced on

Françoise Wautiez was invited to present during the Day of the Documentation Centers in Social Economy and the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Documentation Center CIDEC of the University of València and CIRIEC (November 19, 2020 – videoconference). Following this presentation, the virtual library of the CIDEC was added at the beginning of January to the databases referenced on There are already 17 of them.

They are :

- Intercontinental RIPESS;
- Jean-Louis Laville’s site, his articles and contributions (France);
- Jose Luis Coraggio’s website, his articles and contributions (Argentina);
the films on SSE by Autour du 1er mai, the association that created and feeds the Cinéma et société database: a database of films on society and its issues, to allow everyone to find films, to know where to watch them, how to get them or how to organize a screening (France);
- SAW-B, the federating place for the actors of the social economy – Solidarity of the Walloon Alternatives and Brussels-Capital (Belgium);
- Le Portal de Economía Solidaria, de REAS, RED de Redes (Spain);
- CIRIEC International – International Centre for Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy;
- The CDTM of Paris, a resource center specialized in fair trade and solidarity tourism (France);
- Altraamerica, Marco Coscione’s site on fair trade (Larin America) ;
- FairTrade Advocacy office (FTAO), an initiative of Fairtrade International , the World Fair Trade Organization and the World Fair Trade Organization-Europe that advocates for fair trade;
- The International Journal of Community Currency Research – IJCCR– which works on complementary and local currencies;
- Laboress-Afrique;
- FinDev Portal: on microfinance and financial inclusion (international);
- RECMA: International Journal of Social Economy (France and international)
- SSE Knowledge Hub for the SDGS: the site of the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy working on Development Goals and SSE (international);
- the TIESS, the Innovative Territories in Social and Solidarity Economy, (Quebec);
And the CIDEC, mentioned above.

This provides access from to more than 33,000 references on SSE.

How do I get there?

Simply by putting a word in the search engine. The results appear preceded by a logo for each referenced site. And if you click on the title of the document, you are directly on the site with an access to the said document. For example, put “solidarity” in the search engine and you will find many documents, films and/or videos, educational tools, legislations or training related to this word. Of course, it is better to put a more specific search than “solidarity” on a site on the ESS…..

How to use filters and options?

If you wish to find a document only on one of the databases, you can click on “Filters and options” on the right, click for example on the CIDEC site, then on “Search” and only the documents containing the keyword and from this site will appear.

The same for languages. You can choose only one or several languages for the results. Do not forget to

  • put a keyword in the search engine
  • click on the chosen language
  • click on “search”.

Happy research!