Report on results on action research: barriers to the use of alternative (‘beyond GDP’) indicators in policy making and how they are being overcome and can be overcome.

BRAINPOoL deliverable 3.1, A collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the FP7 programme (Contract no. 283024). nef (the new economics foundation),

Charles Seaford, November 2013

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Summary :

Beyond GDP indicators are “those indicators and indicator sets that have been proposed as necessary and central to the measurement of societal progress in a broad sense, other than those indicators, such as GDP or the unemployment rate, that are already playing this role.” In BRAINPOoL we have identified some of the barriers to using these measures to guide policy, and some of the ways these barriers can be overcome. These questions are worth addressing to the extent that there is a bias towards maximizing GDP growth in policy making, and are therefore primarily concerned with economic policy. This is a report of seven case studies where we have addressed these questions.

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