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Welcome to, the resource website for the social and solidarity economy. The website provides access to 5,282 documents, 1,505 publications and 989 videos, the work of 4,480 authors and 772 organizations. It also lists 242 training courses and 663 websites.

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- inspiring stories : ? The map of solutions recounts the SSE stories, descriptions of experiences to inspire others.
- an initiative near home or in a place you are going to : ? The map of initiatives allows you to find it (The Essglobal mapping has been developed as yet for Brasil, Quebec and France)

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- writing a concept definition of SSE in Solecopedia, the encyclopedia of SSE in 7 languages
- sending us a document/ a description of expérience/your thesis/a video /an example of public policy ....


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The SSE in videos

What is a Housing Co-op?

Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation

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