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Women and Economy

Explorations of economic issues do not usually take gender into account. And yet, the social roles women usually take on in society have an impact on their contribution to the economy, how they benefit from it, and the consequences they suffer. The relationship between women and the economy therefore deserves closer examination.

Social justice: a democratic issue

The market mechanism excludes the most disadvantaged members of society, young people, the elderly, people with foreign origins, women, etc. It leaves very little place for social justice mechanisms which would allow all those excluded to assert their rights and benefit from an equitable distribution of wealth. The right to housing, access to land, food and healthcare, finding or returning to work, social cohesion; the democratic issues thrown up by these questions – and many others depending on whether you are in the North or South – cannot be the prerogative of a single authority imposing its solutions from above or a predatory market mechanism.