Dining On the Social Economy: Local, Sustainable Food Systems and Policy Development

Canadian Review of Social Policy / Revue canadienne de politique sociale, 2012, no 67

Jennifer Sumner, 2012

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Summary :

Although the social economy has a long historical connection to food, these links have not been well explored or understood, particularly with respect to social policy. But given the well-documented range of negative impacts brought on by a world economy dominated by large multinational corporations engaged in global trade, social economy organizations associated with food are more necessary than ever. This paper will examine the connections between the social economy, sustainability, and sustainable food systems, before moving on to look at the role of the social economy in our current global unsustainable food system and in a projected local, sustainable food system. It will conclude with a discussion of the social economy and the enactment of local sustainable food policy that can model alternatives to help reorient the economy and social institutions toward ensuring everyone is fed within the ecological limits of the planet.

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