White paper: Social Economy…taking back the initiative. Proposals to make the social economy into a pillar of the European Union.

Social Economy Europe, September 2015

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1. In this white paper, social economy enterprises and organisations propose a whole set of possible actions at European level to support the development of social economy enterprises.

2. Social Economy Europe and its members urge the EU institutions and the Member States to pay particular attention to social economy

enterprises which should translate into a voluntarist, constructive and ambitious policy measuring up to the social economy’s significance at European level.

3. The economic development of Europe cannot be separated from its social development. Social economy enterprises have often

been forerunners in numerous areas such as health, social and environmental sectors, socio-professional integration, the insurance

sector… to a commitment to the social economy therefore means support for innovation and a European revival.

In a changing world, the social economy fosters a project for a society built on solidarity and democracy, for which citizens’ actions are at the heart of its activities.

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