Ecological Footprint of the Findhorn Foundation and Community

Stephen Tinsley, Heather George, August 2006

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Summary :

The Findhorn Foundation and Community is the operational base of an internationally spread community. The Park consists of eco-houses, four wind turbines and a biological sewage treatment plant called ‘The Living Machine’. The Findhorn

Foundation holds various educational programmes, at both the Park and at Cluny Hill College in Forres, also owned by the Findhorn Foundation, which attract both national and international guests. The site at Findhorn also contains private houses and independent businesses but these have not been included in the footprint.

The study has focused on the Findhorn Foundation residents and guests at both the Park and Cluny Hill College, and the day to day running of the Community. Questionnaires were used to obtain data from residents and guests on food, transport,

consumables and services. Additional data was collected at the sites on energy, food, transport and consumables.

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