Solidarity Co-operatives Enabling Legislation

Brief Public Policy Profile CCRPèS - CSERP

Sarah Amyot, May 2010

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Solidarity co-operatives are a unique form of co-operative organisation that allows for several different classes of membership, usually made up of consumer, worker and supporting or investor membership classes. Supporting or investor members can be local organisations (such as community development organisations), businesses or individuals with an interest in supporting the co-operative. Currently Québec is the only province in Canada that has the legal framework to allow for the creation of solidarity or multi-stakeholder co-operatives; however, the Manitoba Co-operative Association (MCA) and other local activists are working to change this. The Association has been gathering research and has submitted a petition to the provincial government calling for change to the Manitoba Co-operative Act that would allow for the creation of multi-stakeholder co-operatives.

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