A Good Food Plan for Bristol

Bristol City Council and Urbact


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Summary :

The West of England has become a recognised leader in innovative food-related projects. It is a city home to some inspirational food heroes, abundant with stories of different sizes, shapes and scales; individuals and organisations all driving the growing recognition of the unique and pivotal role that food can play in driving positive social, economic and environmental change.

From eld to fork, the food system remains one of the biggest employment sectors in the West of England, including producers, processors, distributors, retailers and caterers. It is also one of the greatest single contributors to long term public health outcomes in terms of obesity, diabetes and other diet-related disease; to carbon emissions, biodiversity and waste; and to skills development, community cohesion and resilience.

We now stand at a strategic moment, collectively we can make changes that will make an impact, not in a generational time period, but within 3-5 years. The consensus is for a cross-sector integrated approach to creating a vibrant and diverse food economy based on healthy and sustainable locally produced food.

This approach to food is both daring in scope and ambition, and unique in its aim of developing a sustainable and resilient food plan that is integrated on a regional level.