Guide to the writing of law for the Social and Solidarity Economy

ESS Forum International

David Hiez, August 2021

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Summary :

The purpose of this Guide is to supply useful analyses and refe- rences to assist with the writing of law for the Social and Soli- darity Economy. SSE law covers both the legal and institutional frameworks, as well as the public policies a State may wish to implement in order to encourage and empower the develop- ment of the SSE on its territory.

Its aim, therefore, is to chart a course, record all progress in this area, identify the whys and wherefores as well as the conse- quences of the design and enactment of legal measures rela- ting to the SSE, so as to trace its perimeter and shed light on the options available to the relevant public authorities and ins- titutions for the enactment of legislation to underpin the Social and Solidarity Economy.

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