The Jubilee: an idea for imposing a rhythm on the economy

An article on the Jubilee concept: imposing fifty-year cycles on the world of finance at the end of which no debts should remain, at the risk of confiscation.

Paul Dembinski, April 2001

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The contemporary world lives with its eyes glued on the ups and downs of economic activity that have became its primary preoccupation. Economic time is taking over from the rhythm of the seasons and cultures, imposing itself on the human biological rhythm, modifying and breaking up social time. Freed from ancestral constraints, the economy is totally unbridled, going its own way until an accident or internal breakdown occurs to disrupt its progress. If, one day, contemporary finance were to be submitted to the constraint of the jubilee cycle, it would have to profoundly modify some of its practices. It would no doubt also be rid of some of its systemic weaknesses.