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Saskatoon, Canada - University of Saskatchewan – Graduate Studies with Co-operative Content for Students at the University of Saskatchewan

The Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Saskatchewan, provides a supportive and stimulating environment for graduate students whose study and research concerns co-operatives.

The faculty members and scholars associated with the Centre are experts in their fields (currently, History / Education / Sociology / Economics / Political Studies / Bioresource Policy, Business, & Economics / Journalism / Management & Marketing / Community Health / Extension / Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour / Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy/ the interdisciplinary study of co-operatives and related subjects). Related subjects include community economic development, social economy, and the values and governance of member-driven organizations.

Graduate students can benefit from the expertise of the Centre’s faculty and from a creative environment, including the opportunity to participate in leading-edge discussions of theory and practice. The Centre runs a monthly seminar series for discussion of new co-operative research, issues, and trends; and it operates a Library and Resource Centre that contains an important concentration of relevant information.

Although the centre does not currently offer degrees of its own, a Concentration in Co-operative Studies within the Interdisciplinary Program of the College of Graduate Studies and Research is available. This program has facilitated drawing together the students connected with the centre’s work. Students also come to the centre through the university’s other, regular academic programs, and we have a successful track record of assisting them through these programs at both the PhD and MA level.

There are several means by which graduate students come to the centre:

1. They can enter via the Research Concentration in Co-operative Studies (see background document) within the Interdisciplinary Program of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Proposals should be submitted through the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives.

Interdisciplinary Application Form for Co-op Concentration (PDF)

2. They can enter an individual interdisciplinary graduate program through the Interdisciplinary Program of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Such programs are designed around student interests that do not fit in any single discipline. The centre has significant experience in helping students put together and complete interdisciplinary programs.

Application Procedure for any Interdisciplinary Program (PDF)

3. They can enter disciplinary graduate programs (often one in which a centre faculty member has expertise). Students apply to a university department or college and must be admitted under its usual procedures. Centre faculty have served as thesis supervisors, advisory committee members, and instructors in regular or special-topics courses, within departmental programs.

4. Students already admitted in any U of S programs are also invited to become involved with the centre if their research concerns co-operatives. Students should contact the graduate chair or the director of the centre (listed below) for suggestions and advice.


Michael Gertler

Graduate Chair, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives

Associate Professor of Sociology

188 Diefenbaker Centre

Phone: 306-966-8501

Fax: 306-966-8517

Lou Hammond Ketilson

Director, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives

Associate Professor of Management and Marketing

182 Diefenbaker Centre

Phone: 306-966-5844

Fax: 306-966-8517