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Winnipeg, Canada - Menno Simons College, University of Winnipeg – Bachelor of Arts - International Development Studies

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nternational Development Studies (IDS) is an interdisciplinary major that challenges students to explore the causes and consequences of processes that promote some individuals, communities, and nations, and exclude others. IDS students are prepared for citizenship in an increasingly interdependent global community and are encouraged to envision paths towards a transformed, just world. The IDS program focuses on development processes at the global, national and community levels, but gives particular emphasis to development at the community level and to the work of non-governmental organizations and popular movements.

International Development Studies can be taken alone or it can be effectively combined with another program at The University of Winnipeg, such as Anthropology, Conflict Resolution, Economics, Environmental Studies, Politics, or Sociology.


Bachelor of Arts - 3 Year - International Development Studies

The 3-Year IDS major is designed to serve students with an interest in international issues, who intend to pursue related professional degrees such as law, journalism, nursing, education, etc. This degree will also support you in attaining an entry level position in the field.

Bachelor of Arts - 4 Year - International Development Studies

The 4-Year IDS major is designed to serve students who plan to work in the field of development, whether overseas or in North America.

Bachelor of Arts - 4 Year Honours - International Development Studies

The IDS Honours major is designed to prepare students for graduate studies in IDS or a related field.

Bachelor of Arts - Minor - International Development Studies

The BA minor in International Development Studies is designed to serve students with an interest in international issues who are completing majors in a related field such as conflict resolution, economics, environmental studies, gender studies, politics, etc.