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Ambleside - IFLAS, University of Cumbria, UK – Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership

Why study with us?

Start date: July 2015

Through our tradition of experiential learning in and from nature, you will explore your approach to leadership for sustainability, in a highly flexible programme that involves a couple of week-long visits to our campus in the heart of the famously beautiful Lake District.

Discussions with peers striving to be sustainable leaders, triggered by remarkable guest lecturers and facilitated by world-class tutors will help you explore the future of your vocation as a sustainable leader.

In a six day residential in the Lake District, starting 10 July, you will be challenged and supported in a highly inter-disciplinary exploration of both sustainability and leadership where orthodoxies will be deconstructed so you can more clearly identify a pathway for your future as a leader of social and organisational change.

You will be guided by a relevant expert to develop and pursue a topic of inquiry as your own independent study, which will form a third of your qualification.

The course involves experts with international reputation in the fields of sustainability and leadership, including:

  • Professor Jem Bendell

  • Dr David F. Murphy

  • Richard Little (from Impact International)

  • Dr Kate Rawles

  • Sue Cox

  • Leander Bindewald

We believe that our use of experiential learning and nature as a venue and inspiration for postgraduate education towards sustainable leadership is a world first. It is the flagship offering of the new Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) which is fast growing to be a hub for critical sustainability leadership dialogue, research and education.