Advocacy for Community Supported Agriculture:A Guide for Advocates

Booklet by UrgencI


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Summary :

This booklet has been developed by trainers and training participants in the course of the Erasmus+ -funded project « Voices for CSA » (2018-2019). The main objective of the project was advocacy capacity building for the national and European CSA networks.

Editing Team: Siena Chrisman, Jocelyn Parot, Judith Hitchman, Jenny Gkiougki, Isabel Alvarez, Anouk Barcat, Gaëlle Bigler, Roberto Bossi, Denis Carel, Antonin Castel, Jolke de Moel, Monica di Sisto, Isabel Diez, Aurélie Dupré, Timothé Féodoroff, François Guiton, Sodeh Hamlouzyan, Veikko Heintz, Jule Hesse, Peter Kirch, Mathias Mirbach, Noémie Pennec-Amrane, Andrea Solyom, Ricardo Troisi, Anastasios Tsakalis, Johan Tyszler, Tomas Uhnak, Gabriela Vasquez, Mihaela Vetan.

It exists in English, French, Spanish, Czech, German, Italian, Greek and Romanian.

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