Money matters : Putting the eco into economics - global crisis, local solutions

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David Boyle, Alastair Sawday Publishing, UK, 2009

From hedge funds to hyperinflation, credit cards to the credit crunch, the economic system has us all caught in its tentacles. Money Matters is an easy-to-understand guide that will give you a deeper understanding of the coins in your pocket and the numbers on your statements.

In his pithy style, and supported by good arguments, author David Boyle exposes the inequality, greed and instability of the economies that dominate the world’s wealth. The book covers the origin of money, the banking system, the stock markets, trading, the global flow of e-money, debt, mortgages, interest, tax, pensions, the global currency of oil, forgery, financial crashes and the explosion. But it offers promise, too, and explains the emergence of new ways of trading such as Local Exchange Currencies, the Transition Town Movement, and sustainable and ethical finance.