Freedom and Security An Introduction to the Basic Income Debate

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Tony Fitzpatrick, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, USA, September 1999

This book offers a refreshing alternative to most texts on the welfare state. The author provides an introduction to the Basic Income debate, while examining a range of arguments. A Basic Income would be an income paid periodically and unconditionally to every man, woman and child as a fundamental right of citizenship and without reference to employment, marital and household status. The author’s position is that the principles of collective and universal welfare can be defended but that the system should be reformed by introducing the radical yet disarmingly simple device of Basic Income.

Part I: Peripheral Vision * Forward to Basics * The Benefits and Burdens of Social Security * The Basics of Basic Income * The Defense Versus the Prosecution * Part II: Whose Freedom? * The Radical Right: Universal Means-Testing * Welfare Collectivism: Beyond Selective Insurance * Socialism and Social Dividend * Feminism and Basic Income * Afterword * Index