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Compassionate Leadership in Voluntary Sector Organisations and the Integration of Forced Migrants

VIIemes Rencontres du Réseau Inter-Universitaire de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire, Rennes (2007)

Dieu Donné Hack-Polay, maggio 2007

RIUESS 2007 - VIIémes Rencontres du Réseau Inter-Universitaire de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire - Rennes - 24 et 25 mai 2007

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The paper examines the place of the voluntary sector in the integration of forced migrants in Britain. It examines how compassionate leadership drives the sector to achieve tremendous results that many other human organisations could find hard to achieve with the scarce resources available to voluntary organisations. Focussing on the experience of a small organisation and its satellite groups in Berkshire (United Kingdom), the paper identifies successful initiatives addressing the forced migrants’ emotional, welfare, training and employment needs. The voluntary sector, thus, provides good practice that could, in many respects, inspire other sectors. The paper concludes that such initiatives that prepare forced migrants for active citizenship need more support from public bodies and larger charitable trust.