Pactes Locaux. An experience that shapes takes shape, From local to European level, by way of Luxemburg

Resumen :

The European working platform created by the Pactes Locaux participated in the preparation of the Lux’09 Forum.

The aim was to contribute by a horizontal vision : democratic participation and territorial anchoring for another economy. Between autumn 2007 and April 2009, the platform’s approach was one of capitalisation in five regions in France and Luxemburg in order to foster public exchange with people and organisational structures. Each stage identified the solutions that had either been implemented or planned that correspond to the major territorial preoccupations : employment and territory, tourism and territory, third sector, regenerating an urban neighbourhood, urban/rural solidarity. Using the same reading template (part 2) and the same approach – illustrate, discuss and propose – the objective has been to extract the lessons learnt from the collective approaches presented and transpose them to the perspective of future bottom-up strategies for change, from Local and territorial to National , European and International levels.