What we build, builds us

Yann Maury, luglio 2011

In altre lingue : français

The film : 33min44

The community self build agency deals with youth’s case ( 18-25 years) in social wandering, which are gradually- and with an impressive success – replaced at the heart of British economic and citizen « mainstream », with help of cooperative building sites. The charity’s aim is to bring together the housing associations and local authorities in the UK and ensure that all members of the cooperative participate in the community project, gaining experience that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Better still, the project will have a profound personal effect on each of the members of the cooperative, a defining moment that will shape the rest of their lives. In such projects, the housing dimension itself simply isn’t representative of the human value derived from the personal and community aspects of the project. At the end, the CSBA‘s projects empower people and show alternate ways for creation of citizens and cooperative practices.

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