SSE publications- 2007

The Social Economy. Building Inclusive Economies

Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED)

October 2007

Why Investment Matters : The Political Economy of International Investments

Kavaljit Singh

FERN (UK), The Corner House (UK), CRBM (Italia), and Madhyam Books (India)

October 2007

The shock doctrine : the rise of disaster capitalism

Naomi Klein

Random House of Canada Limited

September 2007

The Economics of Happiness Building Genuine Wealth

Mark Anielski

New Society Publishers, United States

June 2007

Sustainable Consumption, Ecology and Fair Trade

Edited by Edwin Zaccai

Taylor&Francis Publishers,United States/UK.

April 2007

Javatrekker. Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee.

Dean Cycon

Chelsea Green Publishing, United States


Sin Patrón: Stories from Argentina’s Worker-Run Factories

Edited by the Lavaca Collective

Haymarket Books, USA


An Economics for Well-Being

Rajni Bakshi

Centre for Education and Documentation, Mumbai & Bangalore, India