SSE publications- 2011

An Overview of Fair Trade in North America

Fair Trade Resource Network, United States

November 2011

Ebook : A Conceptualization of Women’s Collective Entrepreneurship: From Strategic Perspectives to Public Policies

in Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economics Volume 1000 of the series International Studies in Entrepreneurship pp 211-224

The Wealth of Nature. Economics as If Survival Mattered.

John Michael Greer

New society Publishers, United States

June 2011

Market and Society. The Great Transformation Today.

Edited by Chris Hann, Keith Hart

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

June 2011

Creating cohousing :Building sustainable communities

Charles Durett, Kathryn McCamant

New Society Publishers, United States

February 2011

Exploring Community Resilience

Nick Wilding

Fiery Spirits, UK and Carnegie Trust UK


The limits to growth revisited.

Ugo Bardi

Springer Publishing, France.