Transformations in the work and in the unionism

This text proposes a re-definition of unions’ involvement and modes of actions that takes into account the contemporary world mutations (cultural and social globalisation).

Claudio Nascimento, October 2001

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Summary :

The world globalisation expresses a new cycle of expansion of the capitalism, as a mode of production and civilising process world-wide. The main objective of the capitalist association counteroffensive begun in the 90s, is to dismantle the case of the experience in the field of the praxis of the collective organisation through the labour flexibility of the work.

The transformations in the world of work and in the world of life lead us to rethink the trade union movement. The new unionism requires an integration of the working class consciousness with the consciousness of the citizenship, therefore calls the trade union for movement to strengthen new social movements which lie outside the process of the production. The unionism should participate in the democratic debate, in the city administration, that is, to have an active presence in the local life. The alternative of a national union embraces the interests of many other social sectors, not only the workers. This will requires a Cultural Revolution and a total revision of its inter-profesional organisation.