Social Factors in Wind Energy Development of Denmark in 1980s – 1990s: Society and Technology

Panuwat Permsantithum, Rajarajan Rathinavelu, 2012

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Summary :

During the 1970s, the oil price in global market was raising nearly to US$ 100 per barrel. At that time, 92 % of electricity production in Denmark depended on the imported oil. The global oil crisis forced the Danish government to seek the alternative energy solutions, while the government cancelled their plan for atomic power in 1985. Electricity from wind, biomass, and solar power became the answer of Danish government.

Nowadays, Denmark becomes one of the world leaders in wind energy. This paper believes that the collaboration between the people’s reaction and the policy of Danish government in 1980s-1990s is the main factor of the today’s success of the wind energy development in Denmark. Therefore, this paper will examine the social factors behind the industry development of wind energy in Denmark.

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