Vicious Circle of Poor Tourism and Triangular Cooperation for Community Development: A Case Study of SASEC (South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation) Countries for Social and Solidarity Economy

de Futuro del Trabajo: Buenas Prácticas de Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular (CSST) en Economía Social y Solidaria

Debasish Batabyal, October 2019

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Summary :

This Collection of 54 Good Practices focuses on solutions that illustrate SSTC good practices to promote decent work in social economy. It is aimed at expanding understanding of South-South and triangular cooperation at the global and regional level by providing a sound basis for discussion, but it is not exhaustive.

Here, the idea is:

  • To increase higher yields from tourism in the study region

  • To ensure integration of tourism with major projects of community development, connectivity development program, selling of local produces, cultural exchange, equitable distribution of wealth through alternative community oriented tourism practices in the region

  • To measure sustainable tourism development and its practices in the region

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