Social Economy Centers in Seoul


Summary :

Since 2019, Seoul Metropolitan Government, through its network of social economy centers located in each of the city’s districts, has been running the ‘Dolbom’ program, an integrated community care services system. This project has been playing a critical role in addressing social issues affecting the elderly in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

Through this program, social economy organizations are taking the lead in providing the elderly with home & daily care services. This integrated system allows each of these organizations or community groups to not only directly support the elderly throughout the city but also to work in synergy with other SSE organizations and authorities to ensure that the needs of local communities are met.

The ‘Dolbom’ program contributes to making Seoul an inclusive city by allowing the elderly to stay in their neighborhoods and live healthy and comfortable lives, instead of spending their old age in hospitals or retirement homes.


Sources :

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