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Centrul de Resurse pentru Inițiative Etice și Solidare (CRIES)

The CRIES Association - Resource Center for Ethical and Solidarity Initiatives is a non-governmental organization established in 2009. The organization promotes citizens’ involvement in democratization processes and participatory decision-making.

The main types of actions undertaken are: training courses, exchange of experience, the organization of thematic events (conferences, workshops, debates, awareness campaigns), piloting of innovative approaches in the field of social and solidarity economy, communication.

The areas of interest of the organization are: community-supported agriculture, participatory budgeting, social welfare and co-responsibility, responsible consumption, fair trade, participatory democracy, ethical funding.

Through its activities, the CRIES Association addresses a diversified target group, consisting of:

  • staff from non-governmental organizations interested in the field of social and solidarity;

  • representatives of public institutions in the social, employment and agricultural sectors;

  • citizens interested in initiating specific measures of social and solidarity.

Networking is an important value for CRIES, with the organization participating and starting several local and national workgroups.

CRIES is a founding member of RIPESS Europe and a member of RISE Romania (Social Integration Enterprises Network).

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One reading kusts/syllabus

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