Videos- 2022

Meeting Maria Britzolaki, Dock (Greece)

Vidéo of Ripess Europe newsletter, september 2022

Soil Fertility and Water Management in the Mediterranean Region

Article of RIPESS Europe newsletter, october 2022

Audio : The Great Gender Digital Divide

In Solidarity. SEWA Cooperative Federation

Audio : What can the social and solidarity economy do for recovery?

ILO The Future of Work podcasts, May 31, 2022

COOPTERR - Nagyvázsony

Erasmus+ project

Intercontinental Webinar: Towards the strengthening of SSE ecosystems at all levels

Video from Ripess Intercontinental Newsletter- March 2022

Meet Monika Onyszkiewicz, Fairtrade Poland

Video from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - March 2022

Retrospective of RIPESS Europe 10th anniversary! (Retour sur nos 10 ans!)

Video from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - February 2022

Power to the people: Delivering energy justice through community energy

Right to Energy Forum 2022, January 24 to 28, 2022