: 10 ways to display RIPESS activities

Article by Françoise Wautiez, published in the February 2023 newsletter of RIPESS Europe

As you probably already know, is an online library on the social and solidarity economy. It has the particularity to be in 5 main languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. But many other languages can be found there.

The idea is to gather in one place what can be found on the net in a scattered way and to organise it by themes, countries, types of documents etc. It contains analyses, descriptions of SSE-related initiatives or public policies, educational tools, legislations, videos, etc. More than 26,000 references to be consulted, most of them free to download.

In addition to the prospect of easily finding documentation on the solidarity economy, the aim is also to make this economy and its transformative vision visible. That’s what the vision of RIPESS is about. contributes to making more visible.the contributions of RIPESS and RIPESS Europe in particular What is the spectrum of these contributions? Here are some examples of what you can find on the respective pages of these networks (the links to the documents are to be found in the original article):

Charters and manifestos

  • Declaration for a transforming Social and Solidarity Economy, RIPESS Europe, GSEF 2018
  • Global Vision for a Social Solidarity Economy: Convergences and Differences in Concepts, Definitions and Frameworks, RIPESS Intercontinental, February 2015


  • Decent Work and the Social and Solidarity Economy recommendations adopted by the International Labor Conference 2022, RIPESS Intercontinental, June 2022
  • RIPESS’ work and resilience of local Social Solidarity Economy initiatives in the context of Covid-19, RIPESS Intercontinenal, March 2022
  • Contribution of RIPESS Europe – Solidarity Economy Europe To the European Commission public consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights, Laura Aufrère, 2016


  • Intercontinental Webinar: Towards the strengthening of SSE ecosystems at all levels, Ripess Intercontinental- March 2022
  • Urgenci TV : CSA around the world, 2020

The European projects outputs

  • 4CareWork Environment, RIPESS Europe, REDPES, 2022
  • Resources from Social Solidarity Economy & (Initial) Vocational Educational Training, 2021, RIPESS Europe.

The RIPESS Europe Scientific Committee contributions

  • Intervention of Fatih Özden, Doğa ve İnsan Dostu Gıda Topluluğu, Izmir « The Solidarity Economy in Turkey: First Meetings between Actors and Researchers”Webinar, 2020
  • The cross-fertilisation between feminism and the solidarity economy, International webinar on Solidarity economy,March 2021

Pedagogical tools

  • Policy for a safe space free of aggressions , RIPESS Europe, Redpes, December 2022


  • RIPESS EU – Contribution to the European’s commission Social Economy Action Plan, May 2021


  • Retrospective of RIPESS Europe 10th anniversary– February 2022
  • Women from the Ripess Europe network : meet Judith Hitchman 2021

Articles from the monthly newsletter

  • Feminist Economics and Promotion of Care , article of RIPESS Europe newsletter, October 2022, Andrea Rodríguez Valdés
  • RIPESS moderated the side event of HLPF 2022 (United Nations), article by Ripess Intercontinental, September 2022

Through articles in the newsletter, which is published every 15th of the month, members have the opportunity to contribute by submitting descriptions of initiatives or announcements or reports of activities they organise. You can find on your respective pages in, the articles you have already published.

To find your page, put the name of your entity in the search engine of, then click on “organisation”. You will find your logo, a few paragraphs of presentation and all the documentation that you have produced and that has been referenced on

For articles, click on “Articles” in the right-hand column. For example, for Urgenci, there will be 15 articles. For Netz Germany, you will find 4 articles, etc.

On your entity’s page, you will also find keywords corresponding to your main areas of activity, the url of your site, the year you started and a contact. Plus a map.

This cartography is explained by the fact that has created a cartography of the Ripess Europe network (as well as the other RIPESS) where all the members are displayed. In order to make visible, once again, the richness of the network and to facilitate contacts between members. For example, when presenting a European project, it is easy to see in which countries the network has branches and what their interests are.

On your page, under the map in the right-hand column, you will find the Ripess Europe page, then in the right-hand column access to the network’s cartography. Filters allow you to sort the information by theme of activities or by network (members of members). At the bottom, you can click on the “data table” which will give you the list in alphabetical order of the members and the presentation paragraph or the url.

Of course, beyond RIPESS, there are thousands of references on SSE in that may be useful for your research. Please feel free to consult this database at your leisure. AND send me the documents that you think are important to enrich the SSE corpus.


1) To find all the documents in your language (if it is present on, please go to the research engine. Validate. Consult « the user’s guide for the research engine».