Judith Hitchman

Judith Hitchman is Irish, and is based mainly in France. She has 45 years international experience in interpersonal communication training and participatory management, specialising in managing cultural differences within international networks of sustainable local development as well as global processes. In recent years she has focused on working as a food sovereignty activist, and is currently president of Urgenci, the global Community Supported Agriculture network, a social movement that now represents approximately 2 million people. She has held the mandate as Consumer Constituency representative in the Civil Society Mechanism of the UN Committee for World Food Security and Nutrition. She also represents Urgenci as a Board Member of the intercontinental Social and Solidarity Economy network (RIPESS). Her contributions focus on promoting how food sovereignty and solidarity economy can provide a genuine rights-based alternative to the existing economic paradigm. The core aspects of her recent work have focused on global food policy especially throughout the UN system, and building bridges between food sovereignty, solidarity economy and agroecology, the key pillars of Urgenci’s work.

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